Engraving Service
What items can be engraved? We offer engraving service on many of the toasting
glass sets, goblets and glasses, as well as the metal tops the pewter goblets. The
area to be engraved on pewter and toasting glasses is the flat base of the goblet, not
the glass top. If a set does not show engraving on the page it is because that set does
not have a base suitable for engraving. All engraving is done by hand, and we
recommend that you select the smooth tops if you're having goblet tops engraved.
What can I have engraved? You may have your names and wedding date, a
personal message, or anything you'd like! (as long as space allows) Generally, on
toasting glasses we can fit 15-20 characters per line, one line being the top half of the
circle shaped base and the second being the bottom half. We antique the engraving
on the bases to make it stand out, however engraving on goblet tops is not antiqued.
Please see the examples below.
Bottom line of text
Top line of text
Text shown in samples is computer generated. Actual font varies, engraving is done by hand.
What will my item look like once it's engraved? We will gladly create a proof,
using Photoshop of course, of approximately what your finished product will look like
when finished at your request. Please keep in mind that all engraving is done by hand,
so the actual characters and/or spacing may vary slightly from the proof. Please email
your request prior to placing the order so that costs can be accurately quoted.
How much will the engraving cost? The cost will depend on how many characters
(letters, numbers, symbols) you'd like and what item you're having it engraved on.
Toasting glasses are limited to the space available on the base, and can be broken
into two lines (as above) or one continuous line that wraps all the way around, such as
for a phrase. Base engraving is less expensive, mostly because it's a flat surface
whereas the top of a goblet is both curved and fluted. Goblet tops however have more
space available, and can therefore have more characters, a monogram, or even a
piece of line artwork...if you're willing to pay for it.
Here is an example: Anthony (Rogers) and Suzanne are getting married October
10, 2016. They have several options for engraving, each effecting the cost.
          Glass       A                                   B
Top line:
       Anthony                       Suzanne
Bottom:  October 10, 2016      October 10, 2016
                       Character count: 42
        Glass       A                                   B
Top line:
    Mr. Rogers                 Mrs. Rogers
Bottom:     Oct. 10, 2016              Oct. 10, 2016
                     Character count: 41
        Glass           A                                  B
Top line:
Anthony & Suzanne  Anthony & Suzanne
Bottom:        10/10/2016                10/10/2016
                     Character count: 50
        Glass        A                                  B
Top line:
       Anthony                       Suzanne
Bottom:      10/10/2016                  10/10/2016
                     Character count: 34