Wedding Sets & Accessories
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Engraving Service
Engraving is available on many of our toasting glass sets and goblets for an additional fee. The
area to be engraved is the base of the glass, not the glass top. Please
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*Please Note*

Wedding cake knife and server sets are no longer available for
We still have a few sets left in stock, but when they're gone they're
really gone. If we still have it on the site, we still have at least one available. They
will be removed as we run out.
If you experience any problems with our site, please contact us.
Each set of glasses or goblets is custom made to order, so shipping times may run between 4
and 12 weeks. If time is a factor in your order, please contact us via email prior to placing an
order to see if we can accommodate you.
Regal Dragon Heart
Dragon Heart
Deluxe Dragon Heart
Premium Dragon
Arthur & Guinevere

Crystal Vines
Rose Vines
Color Options for Toasting Sets
All of the glasses shown above
are available in the colors shown
to the right.
*Note* - The color
"Opal" is no longer available, it
has been replaced with "Clear"
Glass Replacement
The glass tops on all of the pewter based glasses shown are replaceable in the
event of breakage. The cost for glass replacement is $20.00 per glass, plus
shipping. If you have colored glass we recommend that you send both glasses so
that colors may be matched as closely as possible. In some cases, it may be
necessary to replace both in order to achieve a proper match.