Pewter Goblets
Pirate Goblet
Rose Goblet
Butterfly Dragon Ltd. Ed.
10oz filled to brim
10oz filled to brim
8oz - Rainbow crystal in base
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Top Options
Top Options
Crystal Colors
Hammered or Smooth Top
23kt gold double plated roses
32 crystals: blue or purple
Two Stone Traditional
Lorenzo Dragon Ltd. Ed.
Armored Dragon Goblet
10oz filled to brim
10oz filled to brim
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Crystal Color
Top Options
Crystal Colors
Lapis Lazuli or Black Onyx
Price: $179.95
Limited Edition
Engraving Service for pewter goblet tops
Engraving service is available for the pewter tops on any of
the goblets shown on our website. All engraving on goblet tops
is done by hand by the artist who actually carved the molds!
We recommend that you select the smooth top option when
purchasing a goblet for engraving as the hammered finish
does not show engraving well. You may have your choice of
text (letters, numbers, symbols), a monogram design, or even
a piece of line art! If you are interested in a monogram or line
artwork, please email us to discuss your needs as we will have
to invoice it to you separately.
*Note: If you are purchasing more than one goblet for
engraving, such as a toasting set, complete the "add to cart"
process below once for each goblet.
10oz filled to brim
See the engraving page for more information
Crystal Color
  Enter your desired text in the box
to the right, use * to separate lines.
Count the number of characters
including punctuation, and select
the corresponding value in the drop
down menu. (Don't count * used to
separate lines!) Check for accuracy!
We are not responsible for any
typos if you enter it incorrectly.
Complete the process once for
each piece being engraved.
Character Count
Price: $209.95