Employment Information
Job details - Seasonal Worker
We are currently still seeking several motivated individuals for the 2016 Renaissance Faire

The responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to the following:
Sales and service to customers including cash handling (with and without the use of a cash
register); willingness and ability to interact with customers verbally, including "hawking"
wares; stocking of merchandise and displays; cleaning and preparing the sales area for
business; making basic decisions regarding service to customers within specified
guidelines, and the ability to stand behind those decisions; maintaining a cheerful attitude
and entertaining patrons while providing exceptional service
Applicants are expected to meet or exceed the following:

Age 18+ (due to the sale and handling of cutlery products); ability to quickly and
accurately process sales transactions
without the use of a cash register (basic math skills
and the ability to make change); must be able to lift light to moderate loads unassisted;
ability to use household  type cleaning items and products; able to stand unassisted for
extended periods of time; must be able to walk moderate to long distances and negotiate
stairs and uneven terrain without assistance; secure reliable transportation to and from the
work site; fluent in the English language, be available for the entire run of the remaining

Any schedule conflicts must be discussed prior to the start of the season.
Requirements are subject to change
Costume Guidelines
 Team members are responsible for providing their own costume by making or purchasing
it from an outside vendor, or may request that one be provided for them at their expense.
Those who choose to provide their own costume must adhere to the following guidelines:
Ladies must wear, at minimum, a long skirt with blouse and bodice or waist belt, or a long
dress with bodice or waist belt. Under no circumstances may a corset or bodice be worn
without a blouse or chemise underneath it, and short skirts are not acceptable (women
never showed ankles, much less knees). In warm weather, the skirt may be tucked up on
the sides ONLY if proper bloomers or drawers and stockings are worn underneath.
Gentlemen are expected to wear at minimum either pants/trousers, pantaloons and
trunkhose, or a kilt, along with a sleeved shirt fitting to the station of the persona. Men will
never be shirtless!
Accessories such as belts, pouches, eating daggers, mugs, etc. are permitted so long as
they follow the guidelines set forth.
Fabrics are not restricted to period fiber, but must look period appropriate. No shiny vinyl,
plastic, denim, bright/unnatural colors, neon anything, prints except block print or woven
designs (no camouflage).
Shoes must be worn at all times, and may include sandals, clogs, shoes or boots that
appear to be of period construction. No flip-flops, sneakers, motorcycle or work boots,
fringed moccasins, shiny vinyl, or stiletto heeled anything. Materials may include leather or
synthetic leather look, rope, buckles, laces/ties, or buttons; but no visible zippers, velcro,
speed lacers, etc...Rubber soles are fine.
Accessories must be of period appropriate nature. No wrist watches, sunglasses, facial
piercings or excessive ear piercings, visible tattoos of an offensive nature, or hair of an
unnatural color shall be displayed while working. Any eating knives or daggers must be
peace tied and kept on the person at all times, never laid down in the work area or handed
to a customer for any reason.
Eating wares, such as a bowl or plate and a mug or goblet are expected as part of the
costume any time employee will be seen eating by patrons, and must be of a type sold in
our stores (they need not be purchased at our store, but must be of the same type and
design). Pouches to carry personal items may be worn at break times when the employee
is leaving the sales area, but will be stored in the specified area during work times for
security reasons. Exception may be made for certain necessary items.
We will happily assist perspective employees in selecting appropriate costumes. Many
suitable items may be found in stores in "the real world" with a little searching. If time
permits, we will also offer the option of custom making a costume for the employee at their
Costuming guidelines are subject to change from time to time, and we will do our best to
update them regularly. All costumes must be approved prior to the beginning of
employment, and photos may be submitted with application if desired.
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